Preschool Graduation


Lil’ Kiddieland Childcare is devoted to cultivating creative, compassionate, and innovative thinkers. Our enriched programs serve as fundamental components to help achieve that goal. Music and Movement, Math, Science, Dance, Language and Literacy, Dramatic Play, Manipulative Activities, Adventure in Building, and physical fitness are all components of our exceptional enrichment programs. These programs encourage children to explore different avenues of learning


At the end of the year after all the hard work has been completed. We celebrate your child’s accomplishment, trust, learning, and growth. The graduation ceremonies teach children about change as they move onto a new chapter of their life. It also teaches them that change can be a positive experience, which is really important. Children change, grow and develop so much during these early years, so the ceremonies are a great way of celebrating this.  Lil’ Kiddieland provides a place for families to gather to celebrate their child’s early milestones. It’s a big change for little kids as the emphasis shifts from play-based learning to more and more desk time. A little ceremony helps to make it feel more special than scary and we always want to help our little people with life’s transitions.

A lady and a child smiling together with a board in the back.