School Age


Lil’ Kiddieland Childcare is devoted to cultivating creative, compassionate, and innovative thinkers. Our enriched programs serve as fundamental components to help achieve that goal. Music and Movement, Math, Science, Dance, Language and Literacy, Dramatic Play, Manipulative Activities, Adventure in Building, and physical fitness are all components of our exceptional enrichment programs. These programs encourage children to explore different avenues of learning

School-Age Kids Morning, Evening, and Friday: (5-12yrs)

When you’re a working family with school-age children, finding reliable before- and after-school care can be hard to come by. Lil’ Kiddieland has got you covered.

Our before- and after-care programs go well beyond homework help. We support children in becoming the kindest, most capable, and most resilient version of themselves. That means giving each child the space, encouragement, and materials they need to follow their passions—whether they want to dance, build a volcano, or create a comic book. No matter where their talents take them, we create positive communities of friends with games, projects, creative arts, and plenty of playtime to keep kids happy, bright, and healthy.

Fridays, winter break, spring break, summer break—whew. When school’s out (but you still need to work), you can count on KinderCare to provide your children with a safe and supportive environment that’s focused on fun.

Lil’ Kiddieland welcomes children ages 5–12 during Fridays and school break times, and we’ll make sure they have a blast. In any given week, kids in our programs might be exploring circus science, diving into the world of marine mammals, or making up their very own version of a mixed-up fairy tale. In addition, the school-age children have access to tablets to engage in games and learning activities. In other words, boredom isn’t a thing here—and friendships and laughter are guaranteed.

Areas of Learning:

  • Computers & Technology
  • Science & Nature
  • Homework Help
  • Art & Creativity
  • Socialization

Transportation is Provided Door to Door:

After school’s out transportation is provided (from all local elementary schools) for kids from their school right to our doors. In other words, you can have peace of mind that your most important person in the world stays safe, door to door.