Summer Camp

We believe summer should enable your little adventurer to...

Be Creative

Lil’ Kiddieland allows children’s imaginations to soar to new heights as they create exquisite works of art, conduct exciting science experiments, tap into their musical talent and so much more!

Get Active

Get ready to have some fun in the sun! From outdoor sports and activities to fun-filler obstacles courses and water play days, there’snever a dull moment at Lil’ Kiddieland.  activities to fun-filled obstacle courses and water play days, there’s never a dull moment at Lil’ Kiddieland.

Keep Learning

Who says learning has to end during the summer months? Lil’ Kiddieland, our weekly themed programs provide new learning opportunities and allow each child to remain academically engaged while having fun!

Make Memories

From running their first relay race to taking the stage in their first talent show, the experiences our campers share with one another presents the perfect recipe for laughter, smiles and cherished memories all summer long.mer long

Have Fun

There’s always an opportunity to have fun at Lil’ Kiddieland.  All of Lil’ Kiddieland weekly programs and daily activities have been designed with maximum fun in mind.

Dancing Feet

Lil’ Kiddieland teaches children basic dance steps and encourages them to express themselves through their own independent movements. This enrichment program gives children the opportunity to participate in social, cultural, and creative dances.

Nutritional Meals

Lil’ Kiddieland wants your child to eat well—and be happy, healthy, and active. That’s why we provide nutritious meals and snacks to meet the needs of rapidly growing bodies and minds. We provide this approach builds an I-can-do-it-myself confidence and puts love on the table, along with good food. In other words, at Lil’ Kiddieland, mealtime creates strong classroom communities.